No beaches or booze: What South Africa’s top tourist spot looks like during COVID

With its mountain ranges, sandy beaches, and towering forests, Cape Town is where the natural world dominates, imploring visitors to stop and soak it all in.

The southernmost city of Africa has an unofficial motto: “Slow down it’s Cape Town.”

Everything ground to a halt in March, when the lockdown to fight off the first wave of coronavirus in the country began.

Now, with summer in full swing, locals have been cautiously letting the sunshine in as the country battles its second coronavirus wave.

In December, South Africa became the first African nation to record over one million Covid-19 cases. Instead of the usual throng of foreigners at Table Mountain, the only tourists arriving are South Africans living abroad risking the return home. Bars and restaurants have adjusted to the closure of beaches and a ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol, offering non-alcoholic beers and mocktails. A black market has also cropped up as locals sell their booze to the highest bidders.


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