How toilet lids and sunglasses can cut the spread of COVID-19 at home

An expert report submitted for use by the UK government recommends that people wear glasses or even sunglasses whenever they must be within two meters of a household member suspected of carrying COVID-19.

Presented to the government’s advisory Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies committee, the report also recommends a raft of other marginal-gain activities including closing the toilet lid before flushing.

Even without suspected cases, all households can benefit from cutting the three main routes of transmission – close-range, airborne, and surface contact.

Co-authored by three expert sub-committees, the paper suggests or reiterates several ways in which the risks of spread can be reduced. While the report notes that “The risks from transmission within households are likely to be elevated for the new variant due to its increased transmissibility,” it insists that “transmission from a case to others within a household is not inevitable.”


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