Biden warns U.S. COVID-19 toll could cross 600,000, urges to pass rescue plan

U.S. President Joe Biden warned the number of coronavirus deaths in the country was expected to surpass 600,000 and urged Congress to move fast on his 1.9-trillion-dollar plan to battle COVID-19 and provide economic relief to struggling Americans.

Biden told reporters at the White House before signing executive orders boosting food aid and speeding up stimulus payments to Americans, “The virus is surging. We’re at 400,000 dead, expected to reach well over 600,000. Families are going hungry. People are at risk of being evicted. Job losses are mounting again. We need to act now… We need to move fast.”

The 78-year-old Democrat added that he was looking forward to working with both parties in Congress to “move quickly” on getting people helped through the rescue plan.

The U.S. has recorded nearly 25 million coronavirus cases and over 413,000 deaths as of Saturday, according to Johns Hopkins University data.


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