A family’s Sto. Niño miracle

Six years ago, a miracle changed the life of a family from Eastern Samar and strengthened their faith in the Señor Santo Niño.

Kristine Mae Mengullo-Lim shared they received a miracle from the Holy Child when her daughter was spared from a disease.

Seven-year-old Guillian Kristen was diagnosed with heart disease. From Eastern Samar, the family traveled to Cebu for the operation of their youngest daughter.

Being devotees of the Señor Sto. Niño, the family went to the Basilica two days before the operation to offer prayers for Guillian Kristen’s safe operation and fast recovery.

They offered not just a simple prayer for guidance but also offered a dance prayer or “Sinug” for their petitions for the Señor.

Lim shared, “And when we got to the hospital the following day, the doctor executed some pre-op tests, and found out that the hole in her heart had closed.  Our Little Princess was HEALED!”

It was indeed a miracle by the Child Jesus.

Source: https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/359608/a-familys-sto-nino-miracle

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