2021: A year for career but not romance — Feng Shui expert

2021 is the “Year of the Metal Ox” in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Marites Allen, recognized as “The Queen of Feng Shui,” warned against career shifts to improve promotion prospects.

She said, “If you can stay put in your job, stay in. Don’t make any shift, avoid conflicts and stay calm.”

But the year may not be as great for romance. Couples must be on the lookout for some hurdles involving “infidelity” and “betrayal.”

Allen said, “Be careful because 2021 is actually a year when marriages could be challenged. Infidelity, betrayal could be present.”

She shared those born under the year of the Horse can expect victory in their path, while those born under the year of the Rabbit may be lucky in love. Rooster people will likely generate more wealth, while completion awaits the Tiger and Ox.

Allen said, “All of these are just guidance…It’s up to everybody to follow through with this wherever they may be. Everybody can have good luck.”

Source: https://cnnphilippines.com/lifestyle/2020/12/30/Feng-Shui-2021-forecast-health-career-romance.html

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