2021: A year of health and moderate wealth creation — Feng Shui expert

2020 was filled with disasters and other sources of exhaustion, but 2021 can be a time to slowly rebuild oneself especially in career and health, a Feng Shui expert advised.

Marites Allen said, “Because there were a lot of stresses brought by 2020, we have to take care of our body and mind. It is always important that we create peace and harmony in an environment as well.”

Allen noted the importance of considering new hobbies and endeavors, particularly those involving getting physically fit.

While 2021 could be compromised with lower growth energy, income and moderate wealth creation can still be made possible with careful planning and hard work. She added businesses related to IT, technology, renewable energy, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, health care, as well as travel and health stocks will trend next year.

She noted, “If you are investing in stocks [you are familiar with], like innovative companies, these would perform relatively well.”

Source: https://cnnphilippines.com/lifestyle/2020/12/30/Feng-Shui-2021-forecast-health-career-romance.html

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