Should restaurants replace plastic straws with edible ones?

A new trend of environmental protection, edible straws made from daily ingredients, such as corn or cassava starch and spinach, are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic straws.

From 2021, non-biodegradable single-use plastic straws are banned in the catering industry in China. Therefore, replacing plastic straws with environmentally friendly straws has become a must.

Eco-friendly straws can be divided into biodegradable and reusable straws. Straws can be made from different materials like paper, polylactic acid, stainless steel and plastic. However, things we eat can also be used to make straws.

Corn, wheat, sweet potatoes, spinach, cassava and sesame can be used to make different colored edible straws.

The world’s largest drinking straw maker in Yiwu City, in China’s Zhejiang Province, said, “When these straws come to cold drinks, they can hold their shape for over 40 minutes, and they can hold for about 30 minutes in hot water.”


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