Nueva Ecija teacher takes on #IponChallenge, saves Php 106,000 in 1 year

A 26-year-old teacher from Nueva Ecija took on the #IponChallenge and saved 106,000 pesos in a year.Cathlyn Mariano started saving in January 2020.

Mariano shared, “Every payday, I set aside a percent of my salary. I don’t touch the money. I put it in a piggy bank.”

She reached her savings goal in September when she hit 60,000 pesos. But instead of breaking her piggy bank, she continued saving. Growing up in a poor household, she experienced what it’s like to not have money when it’s most needed.

According to cultural analyst and professor Jimmuel Naval, saving money is ingrained in our Filipino culture as a predominantly agricultural country.

Naval said, “We save so we have money to buy seedlings for the next season.”

Mariano said that instead of spending her savings, she’s planning to invest it in a business or in mutual funds.

She also created her own ipon challenge and money organizer. Others who would try it could save up to 40,000 pesos.


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