Nationality alone may not open doors for travel in the future

The days of flashing a passport at the airport and taking a flight to wherever one likes are, for now, a distant memory.

Countries are entering fresh lockdowns, but even when restrictions do lift, it’s likely mandatory vaccination before air travel may be a necessity.

For future global mobility, we shouldn’t expect a return to pre-pandemic patterns, says Parag Khanna, author of “The Future is Asian” and founder of Singapore consulting firm FutureMap. It might no longer be the case that nationality alone will open doors.

Khanna notes, “Even for still-powerful passports such as Japan [and] Singapore…additional protocols will be required to re-attain relatively frictionless mobility.”

He added, “Today’s youth are socially conscious, environmentally aware, and less nationalistic — all of which makes them potentially the most mobile generation in human history. They herald a seminal shift in mobility from being every country for itself to being every person for themself.”


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