Thai bartenders selling dim sum to save their businesses during lockdown

Many in Thailand are switching jobs and creating new roles to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gunn Leelhasuwan, leader of a group of Bangkok bar workers who saw their livelihoods threatened when the city’s clubs were shut down under anti-virus measures, said, “You can’t just wait for someone to help you, you need to do whatever you can to survive.”

The group formed a cooperative called “Dim Sum International” to make and sell traditional street food. They purchase ingredients at local markets, and serve items like Chinese pork dumplings and Thai noodle soup.

Staff from the bars can make up to 50 percent of their normal salary when sales are good.

This is just one example of how Thai people carry on while they hope for better times ahead. Technicians have switched from fixing engines to air conditioners; grounded air hostesses now sell homemade drinks from fresh fruits; and pilots have become motorcycle delivery drivers.


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