Fashion lookahead: Holes and social distancing

It is never a bad idea to expose large chunks of flesh at random, as Christina Aguilera taught us in 2002.

Whether society is finally waking up to her teachings or whether designers simply ran out of fabric, it doesn’t matter. Holes are in for 2021 so get ready to feel the draught.

Marie Claire pointed out: “Showing some skin – by any measure – feels like a necessity after wearing oversized loungewear for months on end. From turtlenecks to bodysuits to full-on jumpsuits, designers like Prada found ways to reveal flesh in unexpected ways.”

At the Kenzo show at Paris Fashion Week in September, the fashion house, whose founder died a few days later, displayed a large number of outfits which covered the face, and sometimes the entire body.

This may or may not have been Covid-influenced, and we’re not confident these outfits would realistically provide much protection against the virus anyway, but it certainly felt in keeping with the theme of social distancing.


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