Managers face the biggest challenge in a work-from-home environment

Managers face the biggest challenge in a work-from-home situation.

Tara Powers, president of Powers Resource Center, said, “The biggest downside… is that managers are not equipped to manage effectively in a remote environment.”

Powers helps companies build cohesive teams and create a culture of connection. She says today’s leaders must be emotionally aware when managing employees who aren’t in the office with them as home can present distractions. Virtual meetings can also be tricky.

Dot Miller, whose The Solution company manages associations, said, “You’ve got to be creative and they have so many online tools right now that are incredible.”

Dana Lerman, The COVID Consultants co-founder said, “I think people like working together, and I think a lot of companies do better when they have your team there, [you see each other, you meet, you] communicate, and you brainstorm.”

Until that time, adaptation and innovation are the buzzwords of the day.


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