Unlucky Chinese numbers

The numbers 14 and 34 are far less popular in Chinese culture and not only because they both contain the unlucky number four.

Let’s consider the number 14 first. There are two ways of pronouncing the number one in Chinese. Either you say yi or yao. The latter sounds similar to the Chinese word yao, which means to want and refers to the future. Hence, when combined with the number four to create 14, it sounds like wanting to die soon, which is certainly not very auspicious.

Now to number 34. As mentioned before, the number three is pronounced san, which is similar to the character cai in facai, which means “getting money.” While the association may seem a little far-fetched, the thought of dying money makes this number highly unpopular.

Because of the bad omens thought to be conveyed by some of these numbers, high-rise buildings and hotels in China often don’t have a fourth, 14th or 34th floor or rooms containing these numbers.

Source: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2021-01-07/The-amazing-double-meaning-of-Chinese-numbers-WRcTmgYVwY/index.html

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