The toll of COVID-19 on the Thai economy

The coronavirus disease pandemic is ravaging the globe, but like every crisis, it has brought forward people who refuse to be beaten by such challenges.

In Southeast Asia, the battle is as much against the crippling economic impact of COVID-19 as it is against the medical toll.

Thailand has so far escaped with relatively few cases, with only around 11,000 infections and just below 70 deaths. But many thousands of businesses in the country have had to shut their doors forever. Shops, bars, restaurants and massage parlors, which are victims of lockdowns and a lack of customers, especially the tourists they once served, have had to close.

Bars in Thailand were closed for three months last year. Nobody knows how long the latest shutdown will last.

Analysts suggest the coronavirus pandemic cost the country 50 billion dollars by the end of 2020, with a new outbreak in December set to wipe out another 10 billion dollars by April 2021.


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