Madiskarteng Boss 20: Les Aunor Meat Shop

Tonette’s business was conceptualized at a very inconspicuous time: over dinner with a group of friends. There was a mention of a meat shop in Farmer’s Market looking for someone to take over. In the beginning, she was told not to waste her time in building an audience on Facebook because meat is usually purchased in markets.

Fast forward to today – she currently manages a Facebook page that she describes as not-so-formal or business-like. Les Aunor Meatshop chats with its customers: “We have conversations about how they cook the meats they bought, pet care, Bible verses, anything and everything.”

This revolutionary way of selling meat was made possible with the help of GrabExpress as it made the booking for deliveries easier.

Unlike physical stores and markets, they were also able to cater to customers that were nowhere near their area. The excellent service also gave them added confidence that their products are handled with utmost care.


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