China’s growth story continues to shock and amaze

China’s swift return to normality after containing COVID-19 continues to leave many experts in awe.

On China’s position as the only major economy in the world to experience growth in 2020, Adam Tooze of Columbia University said, “However many times you hear the China growth story, it continues to have the capacity to shock and amaze.”

The country is operating from a position of great strength. Its economy is now expected to grow by 8.4 percent in 2021. No wonder investors are salivating.

The South China Morning Post says investors believe China’s economy is on a more stable footing than those of the U.S. and Europe and will be better positioned in the year ahead than its competitors.

In its assessment of the Chinese economy, the Japan Times said, “China has become more mature and patient and is less impulsive about short-term gains and more invested for the long term. The recovery may be slow, but it will take a smoother, safer path.”


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