Teachers get more cash

Public school teachers will get a 1,500-peso increase this year in their teaching and connectivity allowance, the Department of Education said. Teachers will receive 5,000 pesos, up from 3,500 pesos, to help them conduct online classes.

Education Secretary Leonor Briones said, “We believe that our lawmakers will continue to support our initiatives for the welfare of our teachers and learners and the improvement of education in the country.”

The education sector was allocated the biggest chunk of the 2021 budget at 708 billion pesos. The Alliance of Concerned Teachers, however, called the allowance hike an “insult” to teachers who were allowed last year to seek up to 300 pesos a month in reimbursements for their internet expenses.

According to ACT, 500 of the 1,500-peso hike was for the annual medical allowance of teachers, leaving them with only 1,000 pesos for their communications expenses this year. That’s just a little over 83 pesos a month.

Source: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1378133/teachers-get-more-cash

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