Palace reacts to US ban on journalist ‘offenders’

Malacañang has called for respect for domestic policies after the US enacted a law containing a policy barring entry to foreign government officials who threatened or wrongfully imprisoned independent journalists.

An explanatory statement for the 2.3-trillion-dollar US pandemic aid law states the secretary of state shall apply subsection (c) to foreign government officials involved in “threatening, wrongfully imprisoning, or otherwise depriving of liberty independent journalists who speak out or publish about corruption or other abuses.”

It provides that in cases where the state secretary has “credible information” foreign government officials were involved in a “gross violation of human rights or significant corruption,” those individuals and their immediate family members are to be ineligible for entry into the US.

The statement mentioned Rappler’s Maria Ressa, who was convicted of cyberlibel which she claims was meant to harass independent media.


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