More people seek cosmetic surgery in South Korea as vaccines rollout

Domestic demand for cosmetic surgery procedures in South Korea is quickly picking up with the recent introduction of novel coronavirus disease vaccines.

Many residents are embracing an idea that facial coverings might not last forever as COVID-19 vaccines become more widely distributed, so now may be their last chance to hide their recovering faces behind personal protective equipment like face masks.

Ryu, a 20-year-old South Korean student, said that the chance to recuperate comfortably at home and wear a face mask in public to hide the bruising and swelling helped her make up her mind to get a 4,000 dollar rhinoplasty or nose job. 

South Korea had an estimated 10-billion-dollar plastic surgery industry in 2020, and is an international hub for cosmetic procedures.  During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of foreign patients reduced, and surgeons embraced a more local and regional focus to keep their medical practices running.


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