Popular home-made Chinese dishes during 2020 epidemic: Liangpi

In China, a country with time-honored culinary traditions, people in self-quarantine, ranging from internet celebrities to medical workers, have also been doing their magic in their home kitchens.

Many people’s culinary enlightenment begins with Liangpi, a steamed cold noodle-like dish from northwest China’s Shaanxi Province. It is made from wheat or rice flour, seasoned with peanut sauce, chili oil or vinegar, and usually garnished with thinly sliced strips of cucumber, bean sprouts and cilantro.

Liangpi was rated number one on the most popular homemade food list of Douyin, the Chinese short-video sharing platform. Many netizens shared videos of how they prepare their version of Liangpi at home.

Besides Chinese people’s love for carbohydrates, Liangpi garnered its popularity because it’s not easy to cook. It requires making some dough and other complicated processes. It gives people a way of passing the time during the pandemic lockdown.

Source: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-12-30/A-look-at-popular-home-made-Chinese-dishes-during-2020-epidemic-WCxm15ovhS/index.html

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