The true and unadulterated history of the drop bear, Australia’s most deadly — and most fake — predator

Ask almost any Australian about a drop bear, and they’ll likely recount a close encounter with this carnivorous, fanged cousin of the Australian koala.

They might describe how a relative was gravely injured during a drop bear attack, or claim that a friend narrowly escaped death at the hands of the vicious carnivore.

And they’ll all be lying. The drop bear does not exist.

Many countries have a creature which is rumored to exist but is never seen — think dragons, yetis and the Loch Ness monster.

But with the drop bear, there’s a twist. No Australian actually believes it exists — it’s just used to scare people, normally of the foreign variety.

Here’s how it usually works: A tourist is about to head into the bush when an Australian will warn them to “watch out for the drop bears.”

When they ask what that is, the tourist will be told it is a vicious, clawed creature that drops unexpectedly from trees” and “you get them looking up at the trees, nervous.”


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