Traveling with a baby to an island resort during the pandemic

Tim Benson’s wife’s maternity leave coincided with the pandemic, leaving the British couple feeling antsy at home with their infant son. Rules and restrictions changed constantly, so the Bensons decided to visit the Caribbean island of St. Lucia while they still had the chance.

St. Lucia had a travel corridor with the UK, but the corridor rules meant that the Bensons couldn’t leave their resort.

Benson likens being confined to an upscale resort to being in a gilded cage. The family had to rely on the resort for all of their meals and other needs, so costs added up quickly. They planned ahead by packing heavy, bringing plenty of diapers, baby food pouches and other necessities with them so they didn’t have to buy from pricey on-island shops.

Once at the resort, the Bensons split up caregiving duties. They are both keen scuba divers, so one parent would dive in the morning while one stayed with their son, and they would swap in the afternoon.


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