Record Covid-19 hospitalizations in US could soon force health experts to ration care

The number of patients hospitalized across the US with Covid-19 is the highest it’s ever been — and at this rate health experts warn they may have to ration nurses, respirators and care.

Medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner explained, “When you run out of capacity, physicians and bioethicists in these hospitals will need to decide which patients are salvageable — potentially salvageable — and which patients aren’t.”

The US reported 121,235 patients hospitalized with coronavirus on December 28, the highest it has been since the start of the pandemic, according to the Covid Tracking Project. ICU coronavirus patients have increased from 16% in September to 40% last week, and health experts anticipate holiday travel could mean a “surge on top of a surge.”

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Kimberly Shriner shared nurses at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California that usually care for one or two patients are now caring for three or four.


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