Why you should say no to a higher credit card limit

Looking back on 2020 – and not just COVID-19 but also the Taal Volcano eruption and super typhoons – there are a few good things we can be grateful for.

One was being shielded from the temptation of impulse shopping on visits to the malls or being lured by midnight sales.

This time of the year, in anticipation of holiday shopping and to push consumers to spend, credit card companies are aggressively offering increases on credit card limits. If you’ve been a good customer – always paying on or before the due date – you are likely on your credit card company’s target list.

However, one obvious risk is your credit exposure. If you lose a credit card and it is used by fraudsters, you could be liable to pay for all the unauthorized spending. Imagine if you lose two or three credit cards, that’s easily double or triple the heartache. And these days, fraudsters do not even need your actual credit card to steal your identity and go on a shopping spree charged to you.

Source: https://news.abs-cbn.com/blogs/business/12/21/20/why-you-should-say-no-to-a-higher-credit-card-limit

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