French man investigated over 27,400 item archaeological hoard

French authorities are investigating a man who allegedly found 27,400 archaeological artifacts. In September 2019, the French national said he discovered 14,154 coins on land he owns in Belgium, but Belgian authorities questioned the man’s story and contacted their French counterparts.

If the man had found the coins in Belgium, he would have the right to keep them, but archaeological objects found in France are the property of the state.

Officials searched two properties in eastern France, a French customs spokeswoman said.

The man admitted the Roman coins were found on French soil. In addition to the Roman coins, authorities found more than 13,000 other archaeological artifacts of “exceptional quality.”

The haul included bracelets and necklaces made during the Bronze and Iron Ages, Roman and Gallic coins. Officials seized a total of 27,400 objects of “inestimable value” in one of the largest recoveries of looted artifacts in French history.


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