This retired couple made 1,400 toys to give away this Christmas

A real-life Santa’s workshop churns out toys in Desert Hot Springs, California.

A 26-year Army veteran and his wife spent the last decade making toys in a woodshop behind their house. It’s a labor of love that started as a hobby seven years ago.

Mike Sullivan, 72, shared, “After retirement, I got bored and needed something to do.”

The couple joined a woodworking club and one of their projects was to build toys for kids.

Sullivan said, “Christmas time, we had a chance to see the kids get the toys and see how much joy it was.”

It’s now their mission to give away their handmade toys to children.

Mike and Judy Sullivan spend nearly every day in the shop. And it’s something the couple, who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, enjoy doing together.

They make trains, cars, trucks, ducks you put on a string and pull along behind you. They also make educational toys: alphabet and jigsaw puzzles, plus stackers with different size blocks on a pole.


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