Covid-19: Couple holds 10,000 people drive-thru wedding in Malaysia

The coronavirus pandemic has put an end to many couples’ dreams of a large wedding.

But one Malaysian duo has managed to dodge restrictions limiting the guest list to 20 and welcomed a reported 10,000 people to their nuptials, all in a Covid-secure manner via a drive-thru wedding.

The newlyweds were seated outside a government building south of Kuala Lumpur, while guests slowly drove past in their cars.

The windows had to remain rolled up and guests only got a socially distant wave from the wedding party.

It took about three hours until all 10,000 attendees had passed by.

Sticking with the social distancing rules, the guests were treated to a dinner – although they had to pick up their pre-packed food through their car window and drive on, according to Malaysian media.

The celebration came a day before the groom’s politician father was found guilty in a 500,000-dollar corruption case and sentenced to a fine and 12 months in prison.


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