Pandemic puts extra toll on working women, study shows

COVID-19 threatens some of the progress made in achieving gender equality in the global workplace as working women are forced to take on expanded duties at home and work at the expense of their mental and physical health.

This is based on research by professional service firm Deloitte Global. It showed nearly 82 percent of women surveyed globally had experienced negative disruption from this pandemic, while nearly 70 percent of the disrupted women were concerned about their ability to progress in their careers.

In the Philippines, 64 percent of working women said COVID-19 had adversely affected them, although they were less worried than their peers about the impact on their careers. Only 27 percent think the disruption will prevent them from progressing in their careers.

Deloitte polled nearly 400 working women globally in August and September 2020. Deloitte Philippines surveyed 108 working Filipino women within its network.


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