China’s high-speed trains roll out ‘quiet carriage’ service

For those looking for an undisturbed travel experience, China has introduced “quiet carriages” on some of its high-speed trains.

The silent car features muted videos and announcements made at a low volume. Doors at both ends of the carriage are closed to reduce noise from the vestibule.

The service is now available on some trains of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway.

Passengers must keep their voice low and wear headphones or turn off speakers when using electronic devices. They should also leave their seats to make or answer calls, and their phones should be muted or turned to vibrate mode during the trip.

One frequent passenger said, “I make at least one round trip a week…for work. I sometimes need to focus on my work or get some rest during the…trip. The ‘quiet car’ is a good choice for me.”

The China Railway Shanghai Group said that it had conducted pre-job training for crew members so as to better serve passengers.


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