Not all gaming initiatives are a success

Not every gaming initiative is a smash hit. Two notable flops came from tech giants analysts compared to “oil tankers” that have a hard time pivoting after committing to a direction.

In July, Microsoft shut down livestreaming service Mixer after the company invested millions of dollars. “Crucible,” Amazon’s own attempt at a blockbuster, free-to-play game in similar to “Fortnite,” sank quickly after launch, and the company shut down the game in November.

Yet most companies in the games industry are bullish that the growth will continue into 2021 despite the recession and high unemployment.

Carter Rogers, an analyst at Nielsen’s video game arm SuperData, noted, “Even in this economic state, we see a lot of people willing to put down 500 dollars for a new console. We don’t foresee anything sort of gaming crash due to economic factors because there are a lot of people stuck at home, shifting discretionary spending into gaming.”


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