China ready to work with WHO for global origin-tracing of COVID-19

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told journalists that his country is ready to work with the World Health Organization to advance the global origin-tracing of COVID-19.

He made the remarks in a response to an inquiry about a WHO official reportedly saying that a WHO-led international investigation team would visit China in early January.

Wang said origin-tracing of the virus is an evolving process which may involve many countries and places, adding, “We have recently read many reports on the virus breaking out in multiple places worldwide last year. It proves again that tracing the origin of the novel coronavirus is a scientific task that must be taken very seriously. It calls for scientists to carry out investigation and research worldwide.”

He added that since the outbreak of COVID-19, China has taken the lead in working together with the UN health agency on origin-tracing in an open, transparent and responsible attitude.


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