3 of 4 honey brands in PH fake, says study

Consumers beware: It may not be real honey that you are buying.

Researchers from the Department of Science and Technology’s Philippine Nuclear Research Institute found that at least three of four honey brands sold in the Philippines are not pure or are entirely fake.

The questionable honey products contained or were almost fully low-cost syrups made from sugarcane and corn.

The institute said, “Adulterated honey takes up 75 percent to 86.5 percent of the local market.”

A total of 131 honey brands were tested—57 from supermarkets, stores, and souvenir shops; and 74 bought online.

Forty-one of the 57 imported honey brands bought from the physical stores were found to be authentic. But of the remaining 16, 12 that were made in the Philippines were found to be adulterated with C4 sugars.

Among the 74 Philippine-made honey brands bought online, 64 or 87 percent were found to be mixed with C4 sugars.

Source: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1371359/3-of-4-honey-brands-in-ph-fake-says-study

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