Extinction: 31 lost species

In the latest update of the International Union for the Conservation for Nature, which assesses the survival prospects of plants, animals and fungi, a total of 31 species were declared extinct, including three Central American frogs, 17 Philippine freshwater fish, the Lord Howe long-eared bat, and 11 plant species.

The frogs were hit by a deadly fungal disease, while the fish have disappeared due to predation by introduced species and over-fishing.

A dolphin found in the Amazon river has been classed as endangered. All the world’s freshwater dolphins are now threatened.

The small grey dolphin is in trouble due to accidental capture in fishing gear, pollution and the damming of rivers. Its survival rests on eliminating the use of gillnets – curtains of fishing net that hang in the water – and reducing the number of dams in waters where they live.

In the bird kingdom, the Andean condor, secretary bird, bateleur and martial eagle are now at high risk of extinction.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-55259552

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