BTS really can do anything. Now it’s got print magazines flying off the stands

It turns out BTS also has influence on magazine sales. With their recent BTS cover stories, Wall Street Journal Magazine, Variety, and Esquire each ended up going back to the presses to print more.

Variety printed 30% more copies of its Grammy issue, which had BTS on the cover, and created a digital version for sale.

For the first time since its launch over ten years ago, WSJ Magazine went back to the press “[d]ue to overwhelming demand” to reprint its November issue. BTS was on the cover as a group, but the Journal also offered individual covers for each of its seven members.

Esquire typically sells 20,000 copies per issue but ended up printing an additional 20,000 copies for the US, 34,000 copies for South Korea, where they typically sell 100 copies, and another 2,000 copies for Japan.

All this is a bright spot in the magazine industry, proving hard copies are still desirable while serving as rebuke to editors who rely on a white, European standard of beauty to sell magazines.


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