Tech giants continue to invest in cloud gaming

Tech giants like Google and Amazon are still investing in cloud gaming services like Stadia and Luna, hoping to join the console wars dominated by Sony and Nintendo.

Jack Buser, games director at Google Stadia and a seven-year veteran at Sony, said, “The games business is a tough business…There’s a reason why there hasn’t been a major new entrant into the gaming space since the Xbox in the early 2000s.”

Google’s video platform YouTube logged its best year ever in 2020 with over 100 billion hours in gaming content watched. Ryan Wyatt, head of YouTube Gaming, said economic conditions like the recession are “ultimately out of our control” but that the company would continue its strategy of entertaining people next year while vying for their attention spans.

But Jessica Stout, 31, a mother of three whose YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers believes gaming growth will slow if people are able to venture outside safely again.


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