Airport worker: ‘Never felt such silence before’

Joshua Wu works for one of the main airlines in Taiwan as ground staff at Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport. His role includes assisting passengers at the gates with boarding and disembarking, and handling check-in and transfer at the airport’s transfer counter.

Wu is also a ramp coordinator, it’s his job to make sure everything’s on the airplane before it disembarks — including catering trollies and loading equipment.

He also closes airplane cabin doors before takeoff, sometimes posting clips of this on his Instagram feed.

Wu has continued to do the same role throughout the pandemic, but some of his colleagues, he says, have switched to administrative jobs.

He shared, “Since the number of passengers plummeted…we don’t need much manpower now.”

The biggest difference in his day to day, Wu says, is the atmosphere at the airport, adding, “It has changed a lot. I’ve worked here for six years…never felt such silence before.”


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