A soapy tale: Kids lend a hand to typhoon relief efforts

It was a different show-and-tell for students in Martha Guzman Santos’ kindergarten class.

Her pupils normally showcase items they own — a book, a travel souvenir, or a favorite toy — and talk to their friends about it.

This time, however, the children talked about one thing: soap.

Five-year-old Aston Basinillo told his classmates via video chat, “I had fun because I was making [soap with] coffee.”

Basinillo is one of the students from The Abba’s Orchard Montessori who participated in a soap-making project—one which took a deeper meaning for a reason: Santos wanted to help victims of Typhoon Ulysses.

But the teacher wanted to extend aid in a different way, saying, “I was thinking of a way to help while allowing…my students, to participate.”

The plan was for the kids to make soap bars and sell them. The class initially aimed for a modest 10,000 pesos—but by the end of the fundraising, they hit close to 17,000 pesos. Small, maybe. But oh-so-meaningful.

Source: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1365988/a-soapy-tale-kids-lend-a-hand-to-typhoon-relief-efforts

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