Xbox game streaming confirmed for Apple iOS and Windows

Microsoft is bringing its cloud game-streaming service to Apple’s iOS and Windows PCs in spring 2021.

Previously known as xCloud, until now it has only been available on Xbox consoles and Android smartphones.

Microsoft tried to launch the service on iPhones too but the move was blocked by Apple, prompting a public row between the two technology giants.

Now Microsoft says a new web-browser-based version will bypass Apple’s App Store restrictions.

The game-streaming service is part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription plan, giving gamers access to over 100 games.

On PCs, the browser-based streaming will be available alongside a version that uses the Windows Xbox app.

But on iOS, Apple told Microsoft it would have to submit each game to the App Store individually, rather than having a wide selection in a single app.

The workaround is to not use the App Store at all, by letting people access the service through a web browser.


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