More than 900 cars ‘pay-it forward’ in random act of drive-through kindness

A community in northern Minnesota is in shock after a random act of kindness led to more than 900 cars paying for each other’s meals at a drive-through.

Over two and a half consecutive days, Dairy Queen customers in Brainerd surprised the driver behind them by buying them a meal. The restaurant’s manager says this type of “pay-it-forward” chain sometimes happens, but never for so long.

It all began spontaneously during Thursday’s lunch rush, say employees.

Tina Jensen, who runs two Dairy Queen restaurants in the city 130 miles north of the city of Minneapolis, said one man asked the cashier if he could buy his own meal, as well as pay for the meal ordered by the stranger in the car behind him.

The charitable act raised spirits at the drive-thru, which like other restaurants, has struggled during Covid lockdowns. With dining rooms closed, more fast-food diners have been flocking to drive-through locations since the pandemic began.


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