Madiskarteng Boss 20: SucculentsPH

When she first started growing succulents, Gugma was a corporate worker who did not even have enough time to water her plants three times a day. Surprisingly, this became a blessing since succulents, according to this master gardener, thrive on neglect.

Her newfound passion eventually paved the way for a thriving business that can be seen in different branches of Papemelroti, bazaars, weddings, celebrations, newspapers, magazines, and social media.

Gugma stressed that she is a plant parent first before an entrepreneur. This is evident in the products she sells. While SucculentsPH is known for its wooden terrariums, not many know that they have only sold plants that they have personally cared for.

Their purchase process is also unique as they directly work with their individual clients to select plants based not just on their preference but also on their capability to care for the plant’s needs in terms of light, water, and ventilation.


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