Cebu resort issues apology, defends response to viral incident involving child with special needs

The Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Cebu has broken its silence amid the backlash it’s received after its owner responded negatively to a review by a parent of a special needs child.

Resident shareholder Manny Gonzalez issued an apology for his “poor handling of a guest complaint a couple days ago.”

He said, “I was wrong to question the mother’s motives, and deeply regret the impression that we are not supportive of the community of parents with children who have special needs.”

He went on to say that the hotel’s policy on keeping noise levels down in the pool and at the restaurants is “geared towards relaxation for all guests,” and that they try to apply the policy “even-handedly.”

He added, “Regardless, I handled this case poorly, and apologize to all the parties who felt offended by my reply.”

The statement, which was posted on Facebook, has garnered over 9,000 reactions as netizens express their dissatisfaction in the comments section.


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