Beijing Launches Track and Trace System for Imported Cold Chain Food

Norwegian salmon and New Zealand beef are top ingredients in a good meal. But are they safe to eat?

This is a serious concern in China after six local outbreaks since August were reported to be related to imported food.

Although officials say no people-to-people transmission occurred among these cases, they did find the virus spread via packages of imported cold chain products. To reduce the risk of infections, Beijing is one of the first cities to roll out a digital platform, called “Beijing Cold-Chain System,” to track the route of such products.

According to the Administration for Market Regulation, all businesses dealing with imported cold chain food in the city will be required to upload data, including product origin, logistic information, and its nucleic acid test report onto the platform.

Businesses with their own tracing systems should share data to the platform. At a supermarket, customers can access the information by scanning a QR code on their phones.


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