Family from Cebu Survives COVID Through Prayers, Support for Each Other

Among those who had a rough time in 2020 is the Parcon family from Cebu.

This family got hit by the deadly Covid-19 virus but survived. They won the battle with faith in God and support from relatives and friends.

Samille Parcon, the third child among six siblings, shared it was in July 2020 when the family’s patriarch Samuel Parcon, 58, the officer-in-charge for the Office of the Regional Director for Department of Science and Technology Central Visayas, showed symptoms of the virus.

Just days after exhibiting symptoms, the virus hit the rest of the family, including their grandmother, except for their eldest son, Sam. Their mother, Joyce, 58, and grandmother, Virginia, 88, were admitted to a hospital. The rest of the family was placed in a quarantine facility.

Throughout their battle, Samille said they never lost faith in God. Music also helped the family as they used their God-given talents in this field to raise funds for their needs.


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