DTI Developing a Mobile App for Halal Products, Services

The Department of Trade and Industry is developing a mobile app to provide easy access to halal products and services.

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said the DTI is working on an app to increase awareness of the halal industry. For a product or service to be considered halal, it should follow the prescribed process of preparation according to Islamic law and be certified by accredited bodies.

Lopez said the app would help promote the country’s readiness to supply halal-certified products and services to the 3.3-trillion-dollar global market, as well as serve as a guide for 1.8 billion Muslim consumers on available halal establishments and products.

He added, “[Similar apps enable consumers to validate halal certificates and extract other information of the products and its manufacturer. Likewise, these apps help locate mosques and halal-certified restaurants with the use of GPS, which makes it easier for Muslim tourists visiting the country.]”

Source: https://www.philstar.com/business/2020/11/27/2059648/dti-developing-mobile-app-halal-products

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