Livestreaming: A New Field of Study in College

Fan Zipeng, 23, carries the aura of a confident millennial and looks no different from an average college student.

But he is way more articulate than most college students who are camera-shy. His school work requires him to stay under the spotlight at least six hours a day, entertain an audience of around a few thousand, and most importantly, persuade them to buy products by clicking on links he shares via livestreaming. 

Five months into his first livestreaming session, he has already raised one million yuan in sales. 

Fan’s field of study in college is e-commerce livestreaming, the first of its kind in China, and possibly the world. His school, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College, started to offer e-commerce livestreaming as a field of study in 2017.

Courses like social media marketing are offered at the school. Livestreaming studios were also constructed, and a joint training program with Alibaba, China’s e-commerce giant, was launched at the school.


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