COVID: Entire Families in Hospitals After Coronavirus Surge

In October, Farah Husain, a critical care specialist in Delhi’s largest Covid-19 hospital, tweeted, “After a grueling four months for healthcare workers in dedicated Covid hospitals, India records lowest daily rise in new cases.”

A month later, Dr. Husain sounds wistful, saying, “I really thought we were past it. Now we are facing the intensity of a winter surge of coronavirus.” 

Doctors fear the capital may well become the epicenter of India’s first wave of winter infections.

The surge has been sparked by the opening up of offices, factories and markets, and increased social mingling during a busy festival season. Exacerbated by falling temperatures and rising air pollution, the surge, doctors say, is, at once, similar and different than the summer outbreak.

Dr. Husain added, “Patients are arriving in clusters this time. We are seeing families and friends getting infected and hospitalized with the virus after attending festivals and frequent and repeated indoor gatherings.”


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