Parent Orders Cellphone Online, Receives Rocks

A parent who ordered a cellphone online worth 8,000 pesos for the distance learning of his child was surprised to find rocks instead of the product upon opening the package.

Alfred Obien said he was fortunate that the package was opened in front of the courier.

He shared, “(I opened the item so I could be sure that the box really contained a cellphone. And when I took a video of the unboxing, the courier and even a policeman and barangay officials saw the box contained rocks.)”

He added, “(I didn’t pay for the cellphone. It’s up to the delivery service or courier. It’s a good thing I opened the box. Imagine what it would have been like if I brought it home and opened it there.)”

Obien said he made it a point to open his orders since reports of deliveries of wrong items spread on social media. He said he was also fortunate that his mode of payment was cash on delivery.

He noted, “I won’t be attempting to order online for now.”


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