Kenya Order Investigation on Baby Stealers Following BBC Africa Eye Exposé

Kenya’s government has ordered an investigation into the theft and sale of babies following a BBC investigation into the black market trade.

The announcement came after BBC Africa Eye revealed children were stolen to order from a Nairobi public hospital.

A hospital official used legitimate paperwork to take custody of a two-week-old boy before selling him directly to an undercover reporter.

A government minister said the culprits would face the “full force of the law.”

Addressing a press conference in Nairobi, the Labor and Social Protection Minister said the sellers and buyers were equally culpable and promised a thorough investigation.

BBC Africa Eye uncovered a trade in children stolen from vulnerable mothers living on the street, as well as the existence of illegal clinics dotted around Nairobi where babies are sold for as little as 400 dollars.

He also acknowledged that improvements to some of Kenya’s child protection services were needed.


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