New Virus Infections in Davao City Surge by 183% in 50 Days

Davao City reverted to a general community quarantine for 11 days starting November 20 as COVID-19 infections surged by 183 percent in 50 days.

Local cardiologist Bernard Chiew said the city was effective in controlling the spread of the coronavirus from March to September, but cases began to spiral starting October.

Chiew added, “By design, (Southern Philippines Medical Center) was the only designated COVID hospital, supported by many isolation centers around the city. And we were OK … until now.”

From September 30 to November 19, the number of confirmed cases in the city ballooned from 1,953 to 5,520, or an increase of 183 percent. The mortality rate also soared to 214 percent, from 78 deaths to 245. 

Health workers said the situation on the ground was far worse as SPMC was nearing full capacity. Patients have to wait about two to three days in temporary isolation units outside the hospital before they can be admitted.


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