Australian Celebrity Chef’s Books Pulled Back Over Neo-Nazi Symbol

Books by an Australian celebrity chef were pulled by major retailers after he posted a cartoon featuring a neo-Nazi symbol on social media.

Pete Evans’ Instagram post showed a “black sun” – a symbol associated with Nazi Germany and used by the far-right.

The chef has previously stoked controversy for posting debunked conspiracy theories about Covid-19.After a public outcry Woolworths, Kmart and Target have removed his books.

Evans posted a now-deleted cartoon of a caterpillar wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat speaking to a black butterfly with the black sun symbol on its wing.

The black sun, or sonnenrad, is a symbol associated with the SS paramilitary wing in Nazi Germany as well as with the occult. It has been used by white supremacists in the US and paramilitary units in Ukraine.

It was also found on the rucksack and manifesto of the man who murdered 51 people in the 2019 Christchurch mosque attack in New Zealand.


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